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Online makeup coaching is the simplest way to learn how to apply makeup for your face shape with a custom made plan for your actual skin situation. Learn my simple and easy techniques  and become your own personal makeup artist. Discover the possibility to look GORGEOUS from your comfort zone at home in your own rhythm. I am your personal makeup coach and I believe in you!

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With 10 years experience in makeup and working as a beauty consultant for 3 years gives me the knowledge to teach you everything I know about beauty, makeup and skincare. My background in Public Relation and Communication place the communication between me and YOU on the first place. Recently I graduate a Life Coach Course that makes me more close to the problems women have and to understand how I can help them. Your beauty goal is mine and I do everything I know to help you achieve it!

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What my beautiful students say


My dear coach I just wanted to tell you that I am so happy I just did today a pretty makeup in just 5 minutes. And this is possible just because of you. I realized that upgrading my skincare routine makes such a big difference! I am so happy and confident to have a glowing skin and feeling great with few products. You are the best thing that happens to my face lately!

Andreea , Mom & Entreprenour, Romania


Thanks to you Cosmina, I dare to use more colors, I always thought that the only makeup I can wear is black pencil for my eyes. I feel more confident now  and I am also very surprised to see that things are really working because my updated daily routine  makes my skin look way better than before.

Alexandra, Fitness Instructor, Barcelona


My biggest problem I had  was my scratchy eyes. Thanks to you I understood that I have to quit powder eye-shadows and learn with you how to use the creamy ones. I would have never thought so. You know so much about beauty and makeup and you understood me so well and this made me change my whole idea about makeup.

Ausra, Teacher, Norway

Get the Amazing Look You've Always Wanted!

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