Hi! I'm Cosmina, your personal makeup coach!

I am an enthusiastic, passionate and caring human being. A makeup artist, a beauty coach and PR specialist. A mom, wife and a little sister. A Minimalist Beauty Addict. 

I guide women through the beauty jungle and show them the simple way to take care of the skin and maintain a skincare routine that works for their actual skin situation. 

I teach women how to apply makeup according to their face shape, eye shape, eye color, hair color, skin-tone, skin-type and everything a women needs to know in order to have a complete harmonious makeup look that is her Signature Makeup Look.

I create the Makeup Capsule Planner. I am an oil lover. I believe that Less is More. I empower women though beauty to discover their natural beauty and to embrace their own imperfection by taking care of their skin and soul!

My mission in 2018 is to create and expand the community of  all the women  around the world who wants to define their SIGNATURE Makeup Look, to be INTENTIONAL with the beauty products they use and to GLOW everyday!

Love, Cos​mina​​​​​