August – Favorite of the month –

Goodbye August, hello favorite of the month!

I've been using these prouducts (skincare, makeu, health and office) not only this month but all summer long. I deffinetly need to share this with you.

1. RMS Beauty Signature Set color POP Collection​. How lucky to feel when all your favorite products come in one simple and practical pallette. I have everything I need for eyes, face and lips. Coconut based, they are pigmented and a little goes a long way. Easy to use and a perfect fit in my bag.

2. Silk eye mask from Since I discover the luxury to sleep on a silk pillow case, now I really enjoy the benefit of the silk on my eyes, too. It is fantastic for two reasons: is anti-aging​ and helps you fall asleep better end deeper. Win, win, when you are a tired mom and you are checking all the time baby monitor.

3​. Anti-ageing serum from REN Keep Young and Beautiful. I love this serum because you can apply it under your cream and on top of your makeup for an instant lift. Do not rub into your skin, just pat gently. Amazing results.

4.Coconut Carbon natural teeth whitener from Wow this is a real game changer if you want a natural way to make your teeth whiter. A black powder that makes your teeth whiter? Yes, this is true and I was impressed how my teeth got whiter in a ​week.

5.Productive Planner. To get more from your day, to stay focus and organized, this is the best planner I had ever tried.

6. Shiseido Benefiance Pure Retinol Sheet Mask. You know how I love mask, taking extra care of my skin is making a real difference when you are over 30. This is a pure retinol mask that plumps the skin with essential ingredients our skin can't produce at the same level, it​ provides moisture and make your skin glowing.

​Have you tried one of these? I would love to know in your comment!

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