How to declutter your makeup bag like a PRO + printable checklist

"Minimalism"  has became a trend spreading into all areas of our lives in the last past years. It's become a key focus for many and especially for me and my family, integral to a calmer, healthier and happier life.

When it comes to beauty, I quite like the concept of minimalism, because I get more clarity about what look I want to create, intentional about beauty in general, and organized with my makeup stuff. As I’ve got older, it's fair to say there are certain products that I find myself reaching for over others time after time, and while variety is the spice of life as they say, I definitely find getting ready a lot less overwhelming when I have less to choose from. 

I’m pretty sure that January will see endless people purchase Marie Kondo's Life Changing Magic of Tidying in a bid to declutter and minimize. This helped me in 2015 when I wanted to switch from a chaotic and full of stuff life to a simpler and intentional life. 

Let's turn our attention to your makeup bag, on the eyeshadows, brushes and sponges and products you haven’t worn in  years! A declutter is a must!

I write this printable checklist  for you (to make it simple and accountable) with some handy tips on sorting through the good, the bad, and the ugly inside your makeup bag. 

So, you decided that you want a CLEAN, SIMPLE and ORGANIZED makeup bag! Just follow my 4 brilliant steps to declutter  fast and smart:


First thing’s first, throw anything out that is leaking, smells bad or  has changed color or consistency or you don't remember the date you purchase (mascaras I would definitely get rid of after 3 months).


.Second think about the makeup you actually wear? What are the makeup essentials you reach for on a daily basis? Put all these to one side in a keep bag!


With all the items you have left, decide which ones you might want to save for special occasions,  summer or a different season, keep these away somewhere safe but out of sight and then get rid of whatever’s left. Trust me…you’re probably going to simplify and invest in your beauty products with intention this year anyway!!!!


Next look at storage options that will keep your daily essentials clean, tidy and organised. I love the Acrylic Storage. Depending on how much makeup you own will depend on what size storage you need, but I find these acrylic storage (check them here) has something for every Makeup Addict! Now you can be like a kid in a candy store and rearrange your makeup knowing you can find everything you need!

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