Ready to look the best version of yourself everyday?

The beauty world is confusing.

Do you really need to spend an hour, and use an eye primer and twenty five other products to get yourself looking good every day?
Is adding contouring, colour correction and *insert the new makeup trend of the moment into your makeup routine really worth the time and money?

Over a two hour session we’ll go through a full daytime makeup, from skin preparation to choosing the perfect colours.

We’ll dive into your current makeup stash and determine what is working for you and what you might want to look at replacing. With no brand affiliations, I’ll give you honest, useful advice and the language to confidently find products to suit you. You can relax in your chair knowing that you won’t be getting the hard sell so that I can make more money. I’m going to recommend products that I know will work for you, within your price range

You’ll also be let in on all the makeup artist secrets I’ve learnt over my 10+ years working in the industry.

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